This page shows all changed that were made for update v4.1. Because this update contains many new features, it will get a dedicated page.

General / Backend

  • Switch to a new host server
    • Old: 4C@3GHZ (AMD Epyc) | 16GB RAM | 320GB NVME SSD
    • New: 8C@3GHZ (AMD Epyc) | 48GB RAM | 1TB NVME SSD
  • Upgrade to Node.js v18
  • Upgrade to discord.js v14 (Dev Version)


  • [PATCH] Fixed that sometimes patchnotes were not send
  • [STATS | GAME] Fixed some graphical issues on the images
  • [TRANSLATIONS] Added missing translations


  • Bot code restructure ==> Up to 30% more performance
  • [STATS] Replaced the three game buttons with a select menu
    • You can select from up to 10 matches instead of just 3
  • [ERROR HANDLING] Better error handling with more information for the user on what went wrong
  • [LINK] Linking System now also works with RSO
  • [MMR] Now renders and image (with rank color adjustment)


  • You are now able to add your own backgrounds for all three types of images separately (MMR, Game, Stats)
  • You can now send your feedback via the /feedback command
  • You can now setup AutoRoles for your server

Upcoming in v.4.2 or v5.0

  • More translations for more languages
  • Crosshair Builder with database to share crosshairs
  • Leaderboard Command
  • Settings rework (Waiting for planned Discord Feature)