This page shows all changed that were made for update v5.4.


  • Support for the current update v5.04
  • Added a new error message if the bot has not enough permissions to send the autorole message in the /autoroles send command
  • Added a new error message if you not enter a valid riot like Henrikinstead of Henrik3#VALO in the /mmr command


  • The website was updated for the current update and also received a small design update



  • Removed the /blacklist command and it's functionality
    • Why? Because it doesn't make sense to support it anymore. Normal message commands are not available anymore and discord now has an own permissions system for slash commands. You can find this menu in your Server Settings ==> Integrations
    • As a result the /settings set prefix and /settings set blacklist command got also removed


  • Fixed a bug where the channel was not correctly mentioned when /settings get was issued
  • Fixed a bug where the /weapon was stuck on Thinking
  • Fixed a bug for new /stats commands that selecting a game returns Unknown Game
  • Fixed some formatting errors in messages
  • Fixed an issue where the highest rank (for example "Platinum 3") in the /mmr was inside the triangle