This page shows all changed that were made for update v5.10


  • Zero Downtime Mode
    • No need to restart the bot to add new features, fix bugs or similar actions
  • Turkish language support
  • Part 1 of the AutoRole Rework
    • You can lookup other players linked account (two ways)
      • First way: /link get [@USER/ID]
      • Second way: Right clicking on a user => Apps => Show Link
    • Features like linking logs etc coming with the next few updates
    • Improved the successful linked message in the web by adding a real webpage
      • Temporary solution, real new design comes along the new page/dashboard rework
  • You can now view and redownload your backgrounds that you have set for the different image types in the /settings get command by clicking on background id in the embed
  • Added an error message for the /autoroles send if there was an issue creating the message