This page shows all changed that were made for update v6.8


    • Overall new design
    • Added new websocket based step list if one the following commands are executed:
    • New shard status page
      • Ability to search for the shard of your guild
    • Dynamically loaded command list (as soon as all commands are translated)

Why this rework?

  • The revision was started to support the upcoming dashboard, which will also bring new features such as
    • Region autoroles (eu, na, ap, latam, br, ap)
    • Autonews at queue deactivation/activation
    • Autonews on new client update
    • Premiere playtime notifications
    • Autonews for esport events
    • Set timezone for your server
    • [FOR ADMINS] Be able to update specific users roles and see their account history (similar to Apps => Show Link)