Last Updates on the Bot

03.03.2021 - v2.0.4

Downtime length: About 1 Minute


  • Added new Agent: Astra


  • Updated v?ranked command

  • Started with creating new stats layout


  • Fixed a bug where just a empty embed was the response for a stats request

  • Fixed a bug where a stats request send no response at all

21.01.2021 - v.2.0.2

Downtime length: 5min and 23sec


  • Added new data to v?stats command

    • Added latest MMR Change

    • Added your full MMR


  • Updated the v?patch command to match the 2.01 Version of VALORANT


  • Fixed some design issues in v?stats command

13.01.2021 - QOL Update for v2.0

Downtime: 1 min and 3 sec


  • Fixed that VALORANT LABS is still typing on stats error


  • If the bot joins a new server, he will not text the Admin itself over DM, it will now search for a channel where he can type in the server

  • Changed Status API => now getting the status data directly from the official RiotGames API instead of the unofficial Status Website API

    • This Change applies to the v?status command and autonews

  • Changed fetching method of the stats update for faster replies

12.01.2021 - It has been a long time since the last update... But here is v2.0

Downtime: 2 min and 4 sec


  • Bot Code was recoded in [email protected] because of the better support and finally acceptable performance

  • Removed some code that was not necessary

  • Updated the v?patch command to match the 2.0 Version of VALORANT

  • Switched stats API requests to my own API for faster reaction times and stability

  • Fixed the "Missing JSON Data" Error in the v?stats command


07.11.2020 - Map Image Update and Images for Skye

Downtime length: None


  • Updated the Map Images to match the Bots general design


  • Added Skye Images for all languages for the v?agent command

02.11.2020 - Patch 1.11

Downtime length: None


  • Updated the v?patch command to match the 1.11 Version of VALORANT

13.10.2020 - Patch 1.10

Downtime length: None


  • Updated the images and the v?patch command to match the 1.10 Version of VALORANT

19.09.2020 - Patch 1.09 + some fixes

Downtime length: None


  • Updated the images and the v?patch command to match the 1.09 Version of VALORANT


  • Fixed that the v?weapons command was sent in 3860x2160 than now 4100x2160 which caused a cursed image

  • Fixed some crashes since the Bot reached 2500 Servers (Sharding limit)

16.09.2020 - Patch 1.08

Downtime length: 2 Minutes


  • Updated the images and the v?patch command to match the 1.08 Version of VALORANT

01.09.2020 - Patch 1.07


  • Updated the images and the v?patch command to match the 1.07 Version of VALORANT

25.08.2020 - Bugfix and Stats Update


  • Translations for all error messages in the v?stats command

  • Added most played agent to the v?stats command

  • Added new design to the v?weapons command


  • Fixed that v?stats was not working under certain circumstances

  • Fixed a small design bug in v?stats, where the v?game code was outside of the box

  • Fixed that only a port of the stats was shown, now all available stats from every playlist is shown

23.08.2020 - Patch Update 1.06 (Bot Version v1.6.0)


  • Updated v?patch for all languages to match Game Version 1.0.6


  • Fixed that overwolf users can't get stats

16.08.2020 - VALORANT LABS Recode (Bot Version v1.5.5)


  • Fixed wrong match result in the v?game command

  • Fixed Design Issues on the v?botinfo command

  • Fixed some crashes while using v?stats

  • Fixed v?status issue were you not able to get your server status if message was not available in your prefered

  • Fixed Autonews Error were server status were not send to en-gb and pt-br users

  • Fixed some grammatical errors in the messages

  • Fixed error messages in v?stats, they should be now more accurate in regards why the stats request failed


  • We now use Eris instead of discord.js, which gives us a performance boost up to 50% (Image send reduces from 5sec to sometimes 2.5sec, but in average 3.3 sec)

  • Found the issue on the v?template command, so if everything runs stable it will be activated again

12.08.2020 - Bugfix and Game Update (Bot Version v1.5.4)


  • Game command available -> do v?game GAME-KEY -> Game Key is included in the stats command

  • Added Agent Images to the last 5 matches in the stats command


  • Fixed multiple typing errors in the stats command

  • Fixing some crashes while creating stats image


  • Replaced request-promise with axios -> Image Creation Time decreased from 4,6s to 3,0s on average

10.08.2020 - Bugfix and Stats Update (Bot Version v1.5.3)


  • Stats available -> do v?stats NAME-HERE -> Use our v?link command for easier stats


  • Fixed that you can't link Riot-IDs with a space in their name

  • Omen wrong ult name in en-us and en-gb

  • Reyna wrong Q Keybind (should be now A)

Known Bugs

  • Stats are not accurate - For that, we have to wait for improvements in the Riot API itself, for now, only the last 10 competitive matches stats will shown.

  • For Overwolf Users: When they played ranked, on the overview stands normal

09.08.2020 - QOL Update (Bot Version v1.5.2)


  • Auto language selection on bot invite based on server region and available bot languages

  • Killjoy was added to the template command (template command will still remain in alpha state)


  • Fixed help command image

07.08.2020 - Autonews/Autostatus Update


  • Autostatus based on your selected language

    • German (de) --- Server: Europe

    • English (en-us) --- Server: North America

    • English (en-us) --- Server: Europe

    • French (fr) --- Server: Europe

    • Japanese --- Server: Asia Pacific

    • Brazil --- Server: Brazil


  • Split the language English into English-America (en-us) and English-Great-Britain (en-gb) to difference in AutoStatus between NA-English and EU-English


  • Fixed old errors in the database that caused general errors up to a not working bot because of a wrong used syntax of the settings

04.08.2020 - ACT-2 Update


  • Added Agent Killjoy in all languages

  • For the german, I added server status updates as a part of the AutoNews (Because it's a beta part, I first added this to the German Language, if it works, will add this to the other languages too)


  • Updates Patch Command to v1.05

01.08.2020 - Template Update


  • New command -> v?template create [rank/agents] - Creates Reaction Roles with roles and images for agents or rank selection

31.07.2020 - Blacklist Update


  • A new setting in the settings command -> v?settings blacklist [true/false] - Enables/Disables channel blacklist for the bot

  • New commands -> v?blacklist add #CHANNEL - Add channel to the blacklist -> v?blacklist remove #CHANNEL - Remove channel from the blacklist -> v?blacklist - Shows all channel in the blacklist

  • New help site -> v?help3 - Shows the third help page


  • Fixing that you could set setting values that do not exist that made the bot broken for the specific server

30.07.2020 - Bugfix


  • Fixed Bug that you could set a language that does not exist

26.07.2020 - Redesign Weapon


  • Redesign Weapon is done for German and English, the other languages will follow

19.07.2020 - The statistics update


  • Basic Stats to Support Server

  • Usage command (v?usage) to get the individual usage of a command


  • Starting with creating an own API and a CDN System

  • Website finish and DNS Setup for my domain -> Website: http://valorantlabs.xyz