Update v3.0
This page shows all changed that were made for update v3.0. Because it is a major update, it will get a dedicated page :D


  • Fixed that the auto news sometimes only send on article
  • Fixed that Deathmatch matches only showed 10 players instead of 14
  • Fixed that sometimes the stats command only resulted in "VALORANT LABS is typing"
  • Added missing translations
  • Patch Command now updates automatically


  • We now have our own Riot Games Sign In Page which will be used for the stats command
    • This means the bot won't use any data anymore, only for the first fetch of ur stats if u are logged in at
      • This speeds up bot response times and results in less errors or bugs
  • Massive Code reduction (saved 60-70% lines of code compared to the current version of the bot)
  • Status command is now also an embed
  • Reworked the weapon and agent command
    • Also now an embed with the advanted, that all weapon and agent stats are now update automaticly
  • Every message is now a reply
  • Deathmatch matches are now an embed message instead of an image (no space on an image for 14 people)
  • Speed up fetch times for the game and stats command
  • Botinfo command was changed to an embed too


  • You are now able to remove your linked account by using v?link remove
  • You are now able to split the news that are coming in
    • Dedicated channel for Patch Notes, other website news and server issues/maintenance notifications
  • Option to see another persons rank even if he is not logged in via riot sign on

Upcoming in the following weeks

  • Fixing existing bugs (implemented an advanced error system to easier find bugs)
  • Add buttons to the help command to easily cycle thorug the help pages
  • Rework the help command to an embed message too
  • Adding new languages if possible
  • More customizations like embed color for example
  • Add all commands as slash commands
Last modified 5mo ago